My Complicated Relationship with Music Piracy

Before you started reading this post, had you ever pondered about what a hyper-object is? For those not in the know hyper-objects, a term coined by Timothy Morton, are those things that we know exist and are aware of but cannot physically grasp. An easy example is race because while we can point out examples of skin colour, you couldn’t literally hold such a concept in your hands and show it to someone. Class is something that fits this mould, of which I never had a huge understanding of when I was younger. Oh, and before you ask, no, this isn’t going to divulge into me lamenting on the many ramifications of an impoverished childhood — I’ll commodify that at a later date.

Multi-media journalist over analysing and oversharing via the power of Medium. Find me over on YouTube @ liamthemusicreviewer.

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