Forget your “tiger kings” and “baby Yodas”. Here are…

My little screen did me a lot of good.

Only in 2020 could stories about loneliness and bloodbath Cartel battles be considered “relief”.

Not since high school have numbers had the power to make me recoil in fear. True, working in retail has resulted in infrequent flashbacks to doing sums in my head like some sort of supercomputer. …

It’s been a difficult, horrible year but here are…

From blissful islands full of animals to literal battles through hell

They may not all be bright and cheery but they helped put a smile on my face.

Let’s get to know each other a bit: What was the first thing you did upon realizing that 2020 was going to skip the prosperity of the “Roaring ’20s” and jump right into the depression?

Did you tweet about it? Tell your friends and family you love them? Stock up…

Showtime could have let sleeping dogs lie but New Blood satisfies more than it frustrates.

Wow…they really did that, huh?


We’ve been in the age of streaming for more than a handful of years at this point and while it’s been a breath of fresh air in many ways, it’s also exactly what we’re used to with TV. …

While the world may feel like it’s ground down to a halt this year, there’s no shortage of great media out there: here are some recommendations.


A Short Hike

There’s been some Gamer Discourse™ lately, though when is there not. It echoes a question that people have been asking for centuries: is length all that important?

The responses have ranged from level-headed (former Sony chairman Shawn Layden saying it isn’t viable for every game…

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