Forget your “tiger kings” and “baby Yodas”. Here are…

My little screen did me a lot of good.

A TV with static. In the static is a selection of characters.
A TV with static. In the static is a selection of characters.
Only in 2020 could stories about loneliness and bloodbath Cartel battles be considered “relief”.

Not since high school has numbers had the power to make me recoil in fear. True, working in retail has resulted in infrequent flashbacks to doing sums in my head like some sort of supercomputer. That being said, the shame in getting that weekly notification telling me I’ve spent the same amount of time on my phone in a week than it would take to fly to America and back TWICE — well, that’s pretty crushing.

Though between you and me, flying was the last thing I or anyone else should have thought of doing in 2020.

It’s been a difficult, horrible year but here are…

From blissful islands full of animals to literal battles through hell

(L-R) Animal Crossing, Binding of Isaac, Hades, AC & Among Us
(L-R) Animal Crossing, Binding of Isaac, Hades, AC & Among Us
They may not all be bright and cheery but they helped put a smile on my face.

Let’s get to know each other a bit: What was the first thing you did upon realizing that 2020 was going to skip the prosperity of the “Roaring ’20s” and jump right into the depression?

Did you tweet about it? Tell your friends and family you love them? Stock up on toilet paper? Take up knitting?

Me? I charged my controllers.

While the world may feel like it’s ground down to a halt this year, there’s no shortage of great media out there: here are some recommendations.


A Short Hike

There’s been some Gamer Discourse™ lately, though when is there not. It echoes a question that people have been asking for centuries: is length all that important?

The responses have ranged from level-headed (former Sony chairman Shawn Layden saying it isn’t viable for every game to be gargantuan) to…not so level-headed (see: Troy Baker responding to a perfectly normal tweet with a Theodore Roosevelt quote).

Gaming has never been running low on quality titles that you can complete in an afternoon, but I struggle to recall a release that has managed to wow me as…

Everyone’s favourite quarantine pastime…

Island life could always be sweeter

Picture the scene. My friends travel over to my place. When they arrive, we eat beautiful food together, often fruit. We go shopping. We attack the local animal residents with our tools. One of my friends sneezes on an owl.

No, we’re not the stars of the latest Netflix limited series or breaking quarantine. We’re playing the latest Animal Crossing game, released right when the world needs it most.

I’ve spent the past fortnight playing Nintendo’s latest creation and not to rub salt in the wound of those unlucky not to own a Switch but…it’s pretty bloody good. …

Wash your hands…do not touch your face…stay indoors…

In these trying times, let’s remember what matters; a 2017 movie “for kids”.

Paddington looking at a pop-up book of London.
Paddington looking at a pop-up book of London.

A few days ago, during my daily ritual of falling down the social media rabbit hole, I came across this tweet:

Before you started reading this post, had you ever pondered about what a hyper-object is? For those not in the know hyper-objects, a term coined by Timothy Morton, are those things that we know exist and are aware of but cannot physically grasp. An easy example is race because while we can point out examples of skin colour, you couldn’t literally hold such a concept in your hands and show it to someone. Class is something that fits this mould, of which I never had a huge understanding of when I was younger. …

It’s hard to think that, in a timeline where it’s more likely than ever something you love is owned by them, that there was ever a time that it felt like Disney were struggling. As much as Iger and co. …

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